Sunday, July 27, 2008

Westerkerk in the Jordaan:

Westerkerk is quickly becoming my favorite church in all of Amsterdam. Not that churches get me too excited, spiritually, that is. But their interiors are often designed to take complete advantage of sunlight–and the light from the sun in Amsterdam is spectacular. Built from 1620-1632, it sits in the Jordaan; just a short distance from the Royal Palace–which was formerly the Amsterdam's City Hall–and an even shorter distance from one of my favorite canals, Bloemgracht.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cycling Through Polders:

I went cycling with a friend a few days ago. And after just one cycle though a few polders, I've decided that the Dutch countryside is spectacular. It's so flat; which means the welkin above is dramatic.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Amsterdam: I Live Here

I'm officially moved into the new pad here in Amsterdam. And what an captivating, enchanting, and somewhat magical city this is. Everywhere I look there's water. Scorpio–my astrological sign–is a water sign. So, coincidence that I ended up here? I think not. It's surreal to think that this city is basically one large, but also tiny, amalgam of islands. Thus far I've:

Bought a bike; Learned some Dutch; Made a few friends (outside of the circle of people that have recently become my colleagues); Explored the city at its finest; Wished the rain would go away; Went to Sensation White; Sat on my back porch reading quite a bit; Learned how to bike to work in the rain, holding an umbrella (impressive I know, but also quite tricky); I've also gone running in Voldelpark quite often–it's like the central park of Amsterdam, just 1K away; Gone to see a concert in Westerpark; Started reading my Scandinavian cookbook; Started reading a book I've been reading for four years now, again; Found out that I, apparently, live in a trendy neighborhood; Have grown fond of British English; Concluded that I'll, from here on out, be living in the best city in the world.