Friday, July 11, 2008

Amsterdam: I Live Here

I'm officially moved into the new pad here in Amsterdam. And what an captivating, enchanting, and somewhat magical city this is. Everywhere I look there's water. Scorpio–my astrological sign–is a water sign. So, coincidence that I ended up here? I think not. It's surreal to think that this city is basically one large, but also tiny, amalgam of islands. Thus far I've:

Bought a bike; Learned some Dutch; Made a few friends (outside of the circle of people that have recently become my colleagues); Explored the city at its finest; Wished the rain would go away; Went to Sensation White; Sat on my back porch reading quite a bit; Learned how to bike to work in the rain, holding an umbrella (impressive I know, but also quite tricky); I've also gone running in Voldelpark quite often–it's like the central park of Amsterdam, just 1K away; Gone to see a concert in Westerpark; Started reading my Scandinavian cookbook; Started reading a book I've been reading for four years now, again; Found out that I, apparently, live in a trendy neighborhood; Have grown fond of British English; Concluded that I'll, from here on out, be living in the best city in the world.