Monday, September 1, 2008

The Plantage in Amsterdam East:

As I am most often in the western portions of the city, or those of south, it's not everyday that I find myself in Amsterdam East, otherwise known as Amsterdam Oost. When looking at a map of Amsterdam, it's easy to see the city's outgrowth during the seventieth century, when most and many of the inner city canals were created. yet on the eastern portion of the city this patterning of expansion is not so readily deduced. Occupying a large strip of land on what otherwise would have been an extension of the canal ring, on the eastern position of the city center, is the Plantage: the location of Artis, the city's zoo and botanical gardens–an all-around generally beloved space and place. They even have an aquarium. Aligning the zoo is Plantage Middenlaan; a lovely boulevard the trails off into the distance, with an old city gate at its end–the original Muiderpoort–as well as the Tropenmuseum, housing treasure retrieved from the tropics, just behind that.