Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Advent of Autumn:

The season are changing here in Amsterdam. A bit earlier than what I'm used to as well. The days of laying in the park and watching the sunset are coming to an end; at least without a light jacket that is. This past weekend was one of the most beautiful I've experienced since being here, weather wise, that is. It was 25C, sunny, and not a cloud in sight. I spent last Saturday wandering the city on my bike, riding aimlessly over bridges and canals. I stumbled upon the Noordermarkt, where I found some wonderful tea, and some eucalyptus essential oil. More stumbling lead me to Albert Cuypmarkt, where I picked up a oil burner for my prior purchase, a glass vase, and five fresh sunflowers. Saturday morning flowers; my new Saturday morning ritual. Next week I'm looking into lilies. Sunday I could be found laying on the beach with a friend. After which, we headed back inland, to her apartment, where her roommate made us an wonderful Italian dinner–because she's Italian. As in, from Italy. I love this city already; if only for the interesting people it has, so far, allowed me to meet. Real Italian food, made by an Italian; the only way to go in my opinion. Even better: she wrote down the recipe, for me. Delectable indeed.