Thursday, September 18, 2008

Helsinki, Meet Autumn:

Who doesn’t dream about what their flat is going to look like when their beyond their youth? I’ve never had a real salary in my lifetime (there’s time for this), and ironically every position I’ve had since my stints in SF, I’ve taken a pay cut for each. This supposed to work the opposite way. Right?

When I do finally settle down (who knows which country it will be in), and have a small surplus of $/€/£/DKK’s (who knows which one it will end up being) to spend on my home–it will be the greatest place in the world. So many people’s home’s I enter are boring and completely lacking in personality–or seem to be ripped straight from the pages of various home décor stores. Strange and boring.

An accent wall–easily done with paint–is a great example of how some paint and inspiration can add some color and pazzaz to any otherwise boring (but nicely designed space). A classic example of 'Gay Spray'–small touches to a home originating from the ability to transform any space easily and without effort (lighting included).

The home is where most of your time is spent, so investing in it only makes sense. And this doesn’t have to come at a price. It can be done on a budget–one or two great pieces of furniture can really anchor a room and set the tone for anything else you my bring into it.

And of course, my home will change with the seasons when I finally do settle down. I even have a pumpkin in my flat right now; modest but cosy. And I really want a cookie jar resting on my future kitchen counter. Clear glass, chunky, with a hit of copper or stainless steel. Perfect.

I found this great image online of a perfect dining room table decked out of Halloween. The dining section of my future flat will resemble this, almost exactly, during the Autumn season, though my dining chair swill be a little less Art Nouveau and a bit more chunky. Solid and substantial–while still being warm and inviting. Check out all those festive autumn touches. Oh what fun I'll have in the future.

Also, though I don’t consider myself an overtly trendy person (Update, December 2013: I am quite stylish these days, though)–I do enjoy those who are. Enter HEL LOOKS, a great digital fashion publication based in Helsinki that features candid photographs of everyday people on the streets of the city, in their everyday attire, with a brief explanation from them regarding their outfit. A funky fun site that’s always entertaining and inspiring.

Last night I had my second swim practice, and my body ached this morning. I’m obsessed, sort of because I’m an obsessive guy, and one something sparks my interest or really gets me motivated, I’m all over it with a streamlined force. Like white on rice so to speak (I couldn't resist typing that). Also, I talked to one of the Danes I’m visiting last night. There’s a themed party in Copenhagen on Sunday. (And I live for themed parties.)