Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh, Lekker!

Lekker: noun, adjective, verb, preposition, conjunction; really, this Dutch word can be/mean anything.

'Dutch and Afrikaans (South African) for "tasty", but used incessantly by everyone to describe everything that could ever possibly be considered even marginally above mediocre. Despite this not leaving much wiggle room in the Netherlands, they manage to use it all the same, since they don't know any better. Rumour has it that after visiting Belgium (or indeed any other country less flat than the Netherlands, use of this term diminishes remarkably, except when talking about Belgium. I wonder why?'

Lekker, the most overused word in the Dutch language. Everything is ' lekker' in the Netherlands, and you can even add the word heel in front of lekker to produce: heel lekker. Which would roughly translate to very tasty. Where's the originality here? How's it taste? Lekker. How's it smell? Lekker Would you like a glass of Chardonnay? Lekker. That flower is... You guessed it. Lekker. Originally the word dates from 1350 BC, and means 'lick'. Interesting how times, and connotations, have changed.