Monday, November 17, 2008

Bill Bryson:

He is one of my favorite authors, ever. I've read a many of his books, and aspire to continue reading the rest. No rush. I don't plan on dying anytime soon. That I know of at least. Last week I ordered Bryson's new book Shakespeare: The World as Stage, from the American Book Center (abbreviated as: ABC–nicest people ever, by the way)–here in Amsterdam. The fact that I have to even go to a place called 'the American Book Center' to buy a book (in English, if I want a good selection) is strange enough enough as it is. I received an e-mail that my specially ordered book had arrived in store, and I'm cycling to the city center tonight to pick it up, and divulge into it completely–this evening. I finally started running again this past friday–after having taken a week off and it's remarkable how much better I feel when I run; which I did on Friday and Sunday, about 10K each day. Running must be good for the mind; it is so meditative.