Wednesday, November 5, 2008

FRAME Magazine:

'Geared mainly toward architects, designers and entrepreneurs, Dutch design magazine FRAME allows its readers to feast upon its pages on the world’s latest additions to highly attractive, yet functional, commercial spaces.

Through FRAME's eyes, seeing (and reading) is believing. Showcased in its thick pages are innovative clothing boutiques, pushing the envelope in interior design. From Denmark to Tokyo, beauty parlors turned into flower gardens, brand stores transformed into futuristic landscapes, runway shows into sleek alleyways as man-made wooden waves crashed onto the catwalk.

Design is also part of fashion. The word ebbs through Frame’s pages to the structure of the book, the colorful photographs, even down to the graphic harmony of the words and images. It is the same for a clothing store. Higher end stores understand this marriage between design and fashion. They illuminate each accessory and each garment, attributing them a quality that cannot be defined by mere dollar signs. Thus creating an experience a shopper may not forget.

An example of Frame’s latest issue on design and fashion was Prada’s Spring/Summer 2008 runway show. While elfin dresses and block patterns made up the bulk of the collection, attendees sat in a maze of blocked roads and printed arrows, all that was missing were the traffic lights. At Prada’s show, anywhere is a good view.

Subscribe to the Dutch magazine in either digital or print versions, or swing by Chapters or Archambault to pick up a copy at $20 a piece. Every penny invested in it would be worth it.'

I feel as if I'm truly part of something special, and poignantly applying my knowledge and talents toward my passion; ever more so now that my words–and thus my ideas–line the magazine's pages. What an exciting new world I have entered.