Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Growing Up, in Amsterdam:

The stars of my future are aligning. An opportunity that would allow me to stay in Amsterdam is slowly presenting itself to me. What one looks for, one will find; I have been looking for a 'window', since I arrived, that would lead to a 'door'–one that I could walk through, and one that would propel me toward the next progression within my life. In fact, I've been able to see this 'window' even before I arrived in Amsterdam, in my mind; I just wasn't sure what it would look like–until now. I knew before I ever set foot on Dutch soil, that Amsterdam would allow me to flourish in ways that I would have never thought imaginable. It feels as if everything I have ever wanted within my life–academic, romantic, professional, and personal–it all seems to be here, for me. But can I make it mine? The challenges ahead are numerous. Where will my life in Amsterdam take me? Perhaps, and I hope, beyond me.