Monday, December 1, 2008


feel like I have friends. More than one, too (though not close friends, only about two of those so far). And when writing this, it sounds really sad (on my part that is). No friends? Chh–total loser. I totally know how you could think that. I find this lack of social network so hard to start a new, also. Friday I had a friend over for dinner. It was quite gezellig (which is a word that describes Dutch peoples' quest for always feeling comfortable, in a cozy setting, warm, full of drink/food: horrible grammar with that last line–excuses.) Living in the past is never a good thing. But, before I moved to Amsterdam: I was in shape from starting to run again (at least 40K a week; enough to be able to call myself a 'runner', and actually know what I was talking about). I had a great group of friends; the best of my life actually. I've never been one to have a 'group of friends', rather preferring the 'drifter' approach–as it suits me much better (Scorpio/INTJ). The fact that it was summer before I moved here, meant that I could live in my self designated uniform for life: flip-flops, some sort of athletic shorts, a t-shirt, and sunglasses–and sometimes a skateboard. I do miss my skateboard. And I also miss my Grandma. It's almost Christmas and I miss my family and friends. This, coupled with the fact that Santa Clause does not come from Spainmakes this point in my life seem a bit, uncertain. But also quite exciting. Who knows how my future will unravel, in this most marvelous of cities.