Sunday, March 29, 2009


Oh world of books and magazines and images and websites; and the ever so clever world of design: how you've taken over my life. Seriously. I don't say much, unless I'm passionate about the subject at hand. This rings true for the multiplicity of outlets and conversations to be had about designI'm a huge proponent of design for helping/giving-back/solving-problems, and not design for the sake of itself. Though there is beauty in design for design, as well. Example A A 'mood-wall' in an underpass–near Amsterdam, South-East. Which is known for being a 'rough' part of town. It should be noted, a suburb like this in the USA would be completely ok in everyone's mind. AMS, South-East (Zuid-Oost/Bijlermeer) has nothing on many parts of the USA. So: the city addresses the problem, does a study/brainstorm, and ideas are generated. A design firm is employed. As are contractors, among many others. Many exchanges of money later–helping prop up the economy, and in the end: the wall lights up pedestrian-bike paths at night. People are safer (in theory), and design has taken one tiny little step forward.