Sunday, May 3, 2009

On the Streets of Manhattan:

Walking through the streets of Manhattan: a borough of New York City in which I've already lived, yet being back here now feels so oddly unfamiliar, and yet oh so comforting in so many strangle satisfying ways. Everything is tall and everything is big; people here are loud and tend to always be in a hurry to go–to where, exactly? The city teems with energy, as everyone and everything shuffles about on this tiny island located just to the left of the Atlantic. The Dutch influence is now easy for me to see; it's omnipresent. Reds and blacks, browns and grays, greens and yellows are all visible when walking through the streets. Friendly yet terse, welcoming and yet hostile, accessible and yet in some places still forbidden; Manhattan–my former home–is a strange world of skyscrapers, concrete, and English: an urban jungle.