Thursday, April 23, 2009

Manhattan, See You Soon:

So, I must go to Manhattan for a week. In less than two weeks. Who knew that living living in Europe would require so much travel. I'm so excited. And it will be so strange to be back in the USA. Using the dollar, and its family of accompanying coins. Seeing yellow taxis, SUV's, and other jumbo sized American cars. An abundance of cheeseburger restaurants, french fries and diet Mountain Dew. How I long for a never ending bucket of fountain originating Mountain Dew. Tastie-d-lite 'ice cream', because–did you know–American's eat more ice cream than any other nation? 48 pints a year in fact. That's 22 liters. Central Park.  Reading a book in the sun on the Chelsea Piers. Mean rude New Yorkers who will do nothing (and stop), for no one. There will be many coffees in the Village. Countless subway rides. A pit stop or two at Duane Reade–to stock up on my favorite healthcare supplies and toothpaste (which is not available here in the land of tiny). Countless adventures await. I'm going to also purchase some Brooklyn Lager from the Brooklyn Brewery. All in addition to the random and unexpected that NYC always serves up; such as the night I met Amanda Lepore at Avalon. I lived in NYC during Spring 2007, and it was quite the adventure. But in no way can one season in Manhattan allow anyone to experience the myriad of possibilities waiting to be experienced in the city. If anyone knows of any adorably cute cafés, brunch hot-spots, the best undiscovered (or discovered) vintage shop, the most comfortable patch of grass in one of the many city parks, or the best ice cream the city has to offer (because I can't say the China Town Ice Cream Factory won me over just yet), please let me know. Did I mention that a lot of Americans live there, who speak English fast and fluently? It will be so strange to be instantly able to speak to everyone around me again. I'll also stop by my old apartment at East 13th Street, for fun. My (former) latex fetish shop (because doesn't everyone have one of those in their building), was located on the ground floor of my old building: The Baroness. Though I can't say I ever went in, the window displays were always worth a second glance. The city really does have something for everyone. And I like that.