Monday, May 18, 2009

Being Here This Moment:

I have so many thoughts to get out about my trip to New York City (only my second time to the USA since living in Amsterdam). America and Europe. The latter now home. I leave for Copenhagen on Thursday night. And the marathon is on Sunday. Thursday is a national holiday here in Amsterdam, it looks like the writing session is schedule for then. Because right now, my brother is visiting me. And it's his first time in Europe. My brother keeps pointing out aspects of my daily life here in the tiny capital, that I've come to take for granted–or just as regular pieces of the puzzle that is my everyday life. Like the fact that the Coke and Pepsi bottles look different in Europe, than they do in the USA. Just to name one example. I told a friend today at lunch, that I don't think I could ever move back to the USA–and I'm glad I didn't end of moving back to San Francisco after graduation. I don't think I would have been truly happy in the 'City By The Bay', at that point in time. It would be hard. Moving back to the USA, that is. And it would be a reverse culture shock, just like the one I experienced while in New York City. When I first arrived in Manhattan, and after I popped above ground, after riding the subway from JFK–my first thought after looking straight up, was: 'Wow! A building above five stories!' And people told me that I had an accent? But at the same time, no one knows what life will throw your way in one year, one month, or even tomorrow. One year ago, I would have never even imagined I would be living in the Netherlands. And that's what makes life worth living. You just, never know.