Monday, October 12, 2009

The Architecture of Music:

I can really feel things quite deeply. Sometimes music can express my emotions better than anything. Better than myself. Sometimes I can see things in my head so clearly, but yet no one else follows. Or see things as clearly as I do. And sometimes I wish I could translate the way I feel music, into words. Not the lyrics per-se. But the emotions and feelings that they evoke. I imagine that's why people dance. Slow dance; break dance; whatever dance. I once stumbled upon an article explaining what music means–it happened to be in a gay magazine called Circuit Noize. (I am a gay man, so it would probably make sense as to why this magazine sparked my interest.) But it couldn't have put it any better. It is one of the most beautiful essays I have ever read. It is entitled: 

Dance Music, Poetry, and the Architecture of an Evening, by Alan Brown

'Great music is the main ingredient in a successful dance party. You can have a party without lights, and you can even have a party by yourself in the privacy of your own home, without others. But you can’t have a party without music. Choose your music carefully, because it will take you places. Music is an emotional conduit, a current of raw energy. On the dance floor at a party, we submit ourselves to the musical whims of the DJ. Each time our crowd gathers, there is an enormous opportunity to create emotional value and meaning–both at the personal level and at the collective level. People are primed, dressed to the nines, ready to turn it out, wearing the big smile, and feeling just a little sensational. What happens next is one part chemistry, two parts sociology, and three parts music.

There is a certain architecture to a successful evening of dance music–a shape, a direction, even a purpose. Like a story, every party has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The hallmark of a great party in the making is a palpable sense of anticipation for the music that is about to come. A great DJ can elongate the up-trip until a dance floor is ready to explode, and then pop the cork on the party like a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon. As a party unfolds, the recordings heard early in the evening linger in the Zeitgeist. A dance party is a cumulative experience; each musical selection propels the energy forward and also leaves an indelible imprint behind to swirl in the collective consciousness. You can see the first half of the party in the faces of those who stay for the second half.'

Beautiful, and you can read the full article here. I have been to parties like this before. Parties held in arenas with 40,000 people dressed in white. With everyone worshiping the DJ. They, are, fun.