Tuesday, October 6, 2009

San Francisco: 'What a Beautiful City'

Three years and one month ago, on my former digital publication, I was babbling on about loving San Francisco:

What a Beautiful City

August 18, 2006

Every second that I'm here and sober (Editor's note: ok, apparently I must have sipped quite a bit of wine during that hot San Francisco summer; Whoops!) I'm still amazed at what a lovely city I live in. As I write this, I'm sitting upon my roof overlooking downtown, Telegraph Hill, as well as the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island in the background.

(What that view looked like, literally. This was the view from my roof and it was spectacular.)

There's something about cities at night that always get me. There's just something during the night hours that cannot be matched by those of the daylight. I'm not completely sure if its the air, the lack of people on the streets, or just the general all around ambiance–but I love it. This has probably been one of, if not the best, summer of my life. Every weekend I seem to meet more and more enlightening people that somehow, unbeknownst to them, are teaching me just one more thing about this crazy, chaotic, and oh so beautiful world that we live in.

I've always been that person who just sits back and takes things in a very laid back manner. Granted everyone has their occasional outburst of hysteria, but who doesn't? And more importantly, life would just be way to lame (with a capital L) if I were always laid back in every aspect of my life.

One of my favorite things to do since I've been here is to go grocery shopping down by Fisherman's Wharf (about nine blocks away, Safeway, for all you Bay Area locals) around 22:00 or so at night. There's just something about walking nine blocks completely alone down Mason Street, with the occasional trolley rolling by, and Alcatraz Island in the background. Yet again, here I am, back to that whole night thing. Trust me, this walk is definitely not much fun in the daytime. There's just something in the air, at night. It envelopes me. Yet almost everyone I talk to who lives here full time says it is crazy expensive. I never really quite got what that meant until I truly started looking at the rent of most apartments in the area. Crazy; crazy; crazy. My rent is quite affordable, but that's only because my room is the size of a shoebox, and because I have two roommates.

A friend at work told me she pays about $1,600 a month for here one bedroom in Oakland. Yikes. Oakland? No thanks. Almost anywhere else that would be a payment on a decent sized house. So far everyone I've met here seems to give off the impression that San Francisco is a temporary city. I'm curious see how temporary it will, ultimately be, for me.

Good night, world.