Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sweet November:

An older post, from my former digital publication:

Wednesday, August 24, 2005
The setting: Cincinnati, USA, the banks of the Ohio River.

After watching that movie I couldn't help but feel like I need to 'discover who I really am'. One of those weird things I do all the time–that I personally don't really find weird. So today I decided to spend my three hours before work doing something different than the usual way I would kill those three hours, reading, playing online and watching TV–or worse–eating.

I went down to Sawyer Point and walked around alone, and thought about life–and took in everything around me through my senses. After walking the Serpentine Wall for a little while, I found the perfect little spot to put my feet in the water, and just write down my thoughts in a notebook... for about an hour I sat with my feet dangling in the Ohio River watching the boat traffic on the water, and taking in the sights sounds and smells of everything around me. I decided to digitalize them, so that way I'll have them forever. Here they are:

Why are humans always so curious?; Why is it that we as humans are drawn to water?; What is it that makes me scared of doing something minimally wrong, such as hopping that fence I just hopped through to get here, even though it was open?; Why do I think jet-skis are the coolest thing ever?; I will have one when I'm older! And I will use it; I don't know if I'll have kids or a family; But I do think having someone to share your life with would be marvelous; Why am I so drawn to water?; Why doesn't it rain more often?; And why are people so afraid to get wet?; Why are people so obsessed with brand names?; Is it really that cool if everyone has it?; I'm sweating; Why do I use the computer so much even if I have nothing to do?; I love waves and wish this was the ocean's edge nearby to wade in, instead of the Ohio River; The sky is so beautiful today; Oh! Look! Is that a-stick or a piece of metal?; If I had water shoes on I'd go see.; Why are people so impatient?; This current is a lot stronger than it leads on to be; Why is it that I sometimes have a hard time talking to people my own age?; Why am I here?; Sitting on a rock with my feet in the Ohio River, on a Tuesday afternoon?; Do I really want to be an architect?; Do I really want kids?; Why is it that some people have such an impact on your life?; Why is it that some people can't stay out of your life?; Big barge coming up the river!; I would like an ice cream; Why/how is it that life can thrive in the harshest/most incompetent environments on earth?; Here come the waves from that barge!; Small at first... It's actually going semi-fast for something that big; Bigger now; I wonder if the driver has another job, in addition to this one? Such big waves–they crested; I miss the beach; Why do I love electronic music in general, so much?; I smell... like fish!; I'm in such a good mood; I usually always am; I think I'm done; I miss home; I think I will go back now.