Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stopping Through Switzerland:

I have recently been inspired me to pull out some older posts, from my former digital publication.

Here's where I was in life, three years ago:

Thursday, October 5, 2006


I find myself wanting to go to parks quite often these days. More so I just want to get out of the Taylor Mansion (which was my roommate's and I's name for our house at the time) and have fun in Cincinnati. I always thought that there was nothing to do in this city, but in reality there is. There's a lot actually. In San Francisco it was normal for me just to go to a park and sit there and read for hours on end, or just look out at the city on my roof with a glass of wine in my hand.

One of my classes this quarter is about environmental technology; heating, cooling, lighting, plumbing... The other day my professor said that it really doesn't matter when we 'need' to use heating or cooling, because we will anyway, because most of us spend our life indoors. I don't like being indoors.

When I didn't have a car for three months, I realized how little I actually needed one. In San Francisco, at least. Which brings me back to the 'I'd like to go to a park' thing... As I'm currently constricted to a small swath of a radius; the walking distance calculated my house. I quite like walking everywhere, and especially now since it's autumn in Cincinnati; it's by far my favorite time to be here. But there are only so many parks within my current walking radius, before a car must be entered. Yet there's something about the dampness in the air of this city, and the feeling of being surrounded by so many vibrant colored leaves.

Last year at the end of October I went on a week long road trip throughout new england and loved every minute of it. One of my favorite places that we went was Exeter, New Hampshire. Yet again there was just something about the air and the feeling I had from the town itself. Somehow it pulls you into a postcard, and makes you never want to leave.

As much as I love the West Coast, I wouldn't mind living on the East Coast for some time. Not necessarily in a big city, even though I love them, but more so in a quaint coastal town. There's something about Boston that I don't like, so it definitely wouldn't be there. But who knows where I'll end up. I've always wanted to live in Switzerland–so maybe I'll settle down there. That's why I love life. You never know where it will take you.

Three years ago I wanted to live in Europe. Three years later, I'm here. I finally made it to Switzerland this summer, stopping through on the way home to Amsterdam from Italy. The (overnight train) stopped at the Swiss border around midnight–for passport checks. Though we were allowed to get off and wander into the station for drink or such, and I was so thirsty... But when I arrived at the vending machine for a bottled water, the prices looked odd peering out at me from behind the glass. They were listed in CHF (Swiss Franc). Then it hit me: I'm in Switzerland! I could have not been more excited. I finally made it. And these days, I have no desire to live there. Or anywhere else for that matter.