Sunday, November 1, 2009

John does Maastricht:

I'm going to Maastricht tomorrow morning. I'm excited. A little town to explore at night. Maastricht should brace themselves. Their cappuccino sales are about to rise. Drastically. Because that's all I plan on doing each evening. Before retreating to the hotel. And then doing it all over again. Or at least some variation of that. A mini vacation. How fun. I, more or less, lounged around the household this weekend; no plans, no worries, nothing to do except read and enjoy the sun. It was, I must say, ask, exceptionally lekker. Take a nap on the rug with the window open so you can hear the bikes go by? Done. Wake up. Wanna take a nap again? Sure. Glass of wine? Of course! Some cheese? Yes please. Sleep. Read. Eat. Lay. Sleep. Repeat.