Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Walking in a Winter Nederland:

About a week ago the Netherlands was completely covered in snow, as it had been since before Christmas. Now the temperature is back above 0C (32F), the snow is gone, and the rain is back.  Dutch rain is a unique type of rain. It never rains very hard (except for those rare occasions in the summer), and it sort of mists and drizzles for most of the day–keeping everything in a constant state of 'damp'. Including you. And there's also never have a chance to dry. Because you'll probably need to go somewhere (else) on your bike shortly after arriving indoors. The snow was nice, as it hasn't snow much this year. But now the rain's back–which means it's going to be like the current conditions for about another three months until spring hits. The birds are already chirping. Strange how snow always makes everything seem silent. Do birds chirp when there's snow, too? It never seems like it. All I really want to do is ride my bike around Vondelpark (in shorts and sandals!), lay down in a patch of grass, and watch the clouds roll-by overhead. Soon enough, I imagine.