Friday, April 2, 2010

The Jordaan; Cute and Tiny:

The Jordaan has been absorbing most of my senses, these days. The neighborhood feels so tiny because its buildings are all so small, packed in tightly, and most of the streets are incredibly narrow, with thin canals running through, here and there. There are also countless bridges. Other than learning Dutch and hanging out in the Jordaan (because I live here!), life is swell and I’m happy. Ik vind Amsterdam zo mooi, maar ik moet Nederlands leren. And that is my full time ambition right now, and we’re I’m concentrating most of my effort. I must learn Dutch. I understand a large part of what people say, but have to reply in English due to my lack of Dutch vocabulary. Dutch is–heel makkelijk–or easy, for me to understand–but so strange to speak. But it’s fun, my first, second language, and I’m told I have an Ameri-Dutch accent. Which I fully own and love that I possess. I guess what’s odd to realize is that I’m growing up. And it’s exciting, and scary. And I’m doing it in Amsterdam, which makes everyday just a wee bit more interesting. Soon I will be moving to Amsterdam East. A love child of Flevopark I shall be. It is one of the few parks in the city I have never even been to–but have already claimed as my new park. (Update, June 2010: the park is fab!) This summer, I will summer, in the East of Amsterdam. Moving to the Indische Buurt in June will feel so refreshing. Until then, I've placed tulips on the kitchen table.