Friday, May 21, 2010

Moving Out of the Jordaan:

So much to say. So much to write down. But when? Maybe this weekend? Maybe now? I am moving out of the Jordaan. As beautiful as it is from the street from inside the houses; it is small, cramped and claustrophobic–with very few (readily available) places to park your bike outside your door (please take note Gemeente Centrum). However, on the flip side: there is an abundance of cute ass canals, copious amounts of cafes and boutiques, Ijscupje, Burgermeester (lekker!), the best (and cheap!) take-away Thai food in the city, one of the city's only lesbian bars, and the ever unexpected waiting just around every corner. I have also decided that I enjoy the area of the Jordaan above Rozengracht much more than the area below... it is more quaint, quieter, less filled with tourists (tourists, take note! this is the area of the Jordaan you want to be in!). I am moving out of the Jordaan in just eight days, to the Indische Buurt. Land of multiple languages, foreigners and people of non Dutch decent/buitenlanders (gasp!), and endless parking for my bike(s). Renovations on our new house are almost complete. Though there is a lack of canals in Amsterdam East; he great thing about the Indische Buurt, is that the Eastern Docklands, or the Oostelijk Havengebeid, in Dutch (full of great architecture and that famous and overtly published Dutch urban planning of the 90s and early 2000s), is just around the corner. Could this possibly be the world's best city?