Sunday, July 25, 2010

On Happiness From Within:

A friend of mine in the USA is currently going through a breakup. The kind where one person is still terribly in love, head over heels, with their ex boyfriend–whom the said person dated for about five years. They were to be soul mates, in his mind. It's one of those breakups that's one sided. One person is ready to move on, the other not It's tough for him, I'm sure. Most people have probably gone through something similar at some point in their lives. Me included. I gave my stern and grounded, honest advice I told him to get back to that happy place. Be alone for a while. Find out, and remember, what makes you happy. I'm almost positive that happiness comes from within–but of course external influences do affect your happiness. But you must first be happy and comfortable with yourself: you must love yourself, before you can be loved by another. The problem is, that sometimes, we can lean on a partner so much that, without them–we're no longer propped up. What to do? Suddenly we can find ourselves in a shattered world. Which raises the question: how did we stand up before we found one another, in the first place? The answer: we were in a happy place. It's miraculous that we can sometimes forget who we are. Then again, do we know who we are? I'm not sure. But everyone, myself included, would like to think so–or, at least be able to attain such a status.