Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back in the Land of Little:

I'm back in Amsterdam after 22 days in the US of A. What a strange place that country really is. I saw it with a whole new pair of eyes. I've leaned to see, here in Amsterdam–through very cultured lenses. But I am American, and the USA will always be where I'm from. Visiting family and friends was great. And it was super fun to show my Dutch man, my country. We arrived back in AMS on Sunday morning at 7:00. I stayed up all day (after missing Saturday night on the plane ride back to Europe.) And a friend was in town for business (as he comes to the city about four times a year for meetings, from the USA). So we roamed around the city for a few hours on Sunday, enjoying the terraces and the soaking up the sunlight seeping through the clouds, while sitting in Vondelpark... Before I stumbled home and (finally) went to bed. Sunday was a beautiful day in Amsterdam. I couldn't be more happy to be back. I could never imagine living anywhere else–right now, at least–than this tiny little village on the North Sea. While cycling this morning (in the rain), I was 'sprayed' with water from a puddle a car drove through. The water splashed/sprayed upwards, and into the cycling path (and onto me). Making me completely soaked. It's good to be back.