Friday, October 8, 2010

Plastic Covered Couches in Chicago:

While in the USA I stayed with one of my best friends, in his cozy apartment on the border of the Ukrainian Village and Little Puerto Rico (also known as the area around and by Humboldt Park). It is an incredibly beautiful and ethnically diverse neighborhood convergence point within the city of Chicago. He is a graphic designer by trade, but I think he should go into set design. His apartment is the most interesting, well constructed sense of space. It is both both intentional and clever. I have never spent a week lounging around the house, between bursts of energy expelled into the city throughout the day, before returning home to such a overtly (in a good way) cosy space each night. Together with his boyfriend, they have crafted a philosophy that the world has enough 'things' in it already, so (almost) everything in their apartment is from a second hand shop, or an estate sale. So that would mean the estate, of a dead person. To sit on their (plastic covered) couch in the living room purchased from a dead Polish woman's estate (their philosophy? if it came with plastic covering, why not keep it on?), vinyls spinning, and smoke filling the air–was very inspirational in the situationist sense, and ready threw me back to another time. There was even a 'guest-lodge', which was where I slept.