Friday, January 28, 2011

John does Maastricht (Again!):

I have regularly travelled to Maastricht for about two years. The first time I visited the city I had to ask myself (in amazement), 'Is this really still the Netherlands?' Turns out, it is. It's just so very different from the land of polders and windmills that I've grown accustomed to–that is, North Holland. Maastricht, is the opposite of Amsterdam. As are the people. And the architecture; here it feels 'heavy'. Those in the south of the Netherlands tend to enjoy, and flaunt, their ties and historical-cultural connections to ,Belgium, Germany, and nearby France. Chauvinism is perhaps the name of the game; the people here don't necessarily identify themselves as 'Dutch'. And I think that's so very strange. And while Maastricht is not my home, I do enjoy visiting. As the city, is quite quaint.