Friday, July 15, 2011

Secret Spaces in Amsterdam:

I'm back from a week and half in Barcelona. During the past three weeks my mom was visiting here in Amsterdam (and Spain). While it's always fun to have family and friends visit Amsterdam, it's also exhausting. However it's been so rainy in Holland since returning from Spain, and I'm totally over it. Yesterday, the city resembled winter, and it was about 12C (55F)–rainy as ever. Apparently the rain will return on Sunday. But I'm hoping it stays at bay. Yesterday I cycled home from work in the pouring down rain while holding a flimsy umbrella–and realized how far I've come in my Dutchness. While I'm not 'Dutch' (I am American by birth), my Dutch language skills have become much better as of late. And cycling with an umbrella in one hand, with the other on the hand-bars, is a feat in itself that I can proudly partake in. Dutchified! Amsterdam, while never ceasing to amaze me, has become my home over the past three years. I really love it here, and I really love this city. And on top of that, I have the world's most beautiful Dutch boyfriend. As I stay here, I continue to find new layers of the city to delve in, new side streets to meander through, and the unexpected (that I expect)–everywhere. This weekend I'd like to do some urban exploring in my city. It's time to discover some more 'secret spots'–only known to me. Until then, feel free to browse through some of my less secret spots in Amsterdam: there are whole worlds within this city still waiting to be explored.