Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dam to Dam:

In just a few hours I am running the Dam to Dam 'loop'... It's a (running) race that begins in Amsterdam and ends in Zandaam. It's about 16K in total. Not too long; not too difficult. I run all the time, so I'm banking on having absolutely no trouble. In fact, I'm quite excited. The thrill, rush and atmosphere that occurs at a race's starting line, just before a race begins, gets me giddy. The only thing I'm not excited about, is having to board a bus or train after the race, to come back to Amsterdam. I mean, yeah, it's all cool to run under the IJ, to continue running to Zandaam... But when I'm finished running a race, I always want to go home–ASAP. Not wait for a bus. Regardless, it should be a great deal of fun. I've ran the Amsterdam Half Marathon three times before –but this is my first 'Dam tot Dam'–which is apparently quite the tradition amongst runners in this tiny city. Hopefully it's as enjoyable as the city's half marathon... (And my time!: 1:15.00–within the top 8th percentile!)