Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On the Streets of Madrid:

Walking through the streets of Madrid: a city that, at times, seems to ooze in similarities with the French capital; wrought iron bollards–slender and tall–align the city's sidewalks, while whimsical wrought-iron gates and railings front many street-facing façades. The city's center is compact, near the palace, and full of life–a nonchalance fills the air as residents and visitors pass one another unnoticed, as if in unhurried shuffle. By night, this same air of relaxation gives way to immense energy, as those same inhabitants spill outdoors during the fall of night–this city is best seen under the veil of the setting sun; its colors spectacular. Madrid is a city for wine, and a city for food; both with an Iberian flair, and both are to be shared with good friends–a communal touch is found within most of the city's human interactions. Its parks combine deciduous and coniferous foliage perhaps a symbol of a welcomed mixture of European cultures; some components from North, others from South.