Monday, December 12, 2011

John does Antwerp:

I have an unbridled affection for the 'Low Countries', and having never been to Antwerp, I was more than excited to scope out the 'Belgian' architecture when compared to that of, for instance, Amsterdam. I do love those gabled houses of the Low Countries. Antwerp was/is a bit less (understatement) 'organized' than Amsterdam (in the ways of: crosswalks, traffic lights, road signage, street signs, etc...) But apparently Belgians have cool 'frames', you know, for their glasses; great food (because that whole 'French' thing); soft 'g's; and soft personalities–so the Dutchies say. (In turn, Belgians apparently say those from the north Netherlands (aka: North Holland) are: blunt, harsh, and rude). We are totally not. We welcome all, in North Holland. We welcome all, in beautiful Amsterdam.