Friday, December 16, 2011

Facing South:

One side of my home is composed of a rather large wall of windows, which gives way to the view south. Therefore, sun. Everyday, all day; from winter to summer. Winter sun in Northern Europe is so wonderful... Europe's climate is so striking considering just how far north the continent lies on the globe. (Read all about it in The Little Ice Age by Bryan Fagan.) I am definitely a Northern European kind of guy. A chill is always in the air in Amsterdam, and I really enjoy that. The morning sun that rises over Amsterdam is splendid, its shimmer bouncing off clouds. And sometimes while facing south, taking in the view, I'll see planes flying by on the horizon landing and taking off at/from Schipol. All of the below photos were taken from the climate controlled comfort of my living room, facing south. I have the most awe-inspiring morning sunrise views. They stun me with their beauty.