Sunday, January 15, 2012


Today–more specifically, this morning–is proving to be a rather interesting, here in the Netherlands. This mainly has to do with the clouds at the moment. The Netherlands is just fabulous; let's just clear that up and get that out there, right from the start. One of the countless treasures that makes life here so enchanting, is the clouds. (Well, and of course the architecture, but–that's a whole other topic). The clouds in North Holland tend to hang low, look like gigantic cotton balls, floating in the air–and floating quite close, too. Sometimes you would think you'd be able to just reach up and touch them. Really–they're often just... low. And huge. And moving quite fast, too. But almost any given sunny summer day, running or cycling amongst a polder, is magical... The sky is fiercely royal blue, sunny, and the constant 'at-sea-level' landscape allows a complete panoramic and 360-degree view of all above. There's an abundance of sky. Stunning it is, really. The air is crisp and warm; the light shining down from high-above; the clouds skillfully freely flowing. And you would call those clouds cumulus, if you wanted to get all technical.

But yes, today is proving to be rather interesting;
No cumulus in sight. Instead, cirrus clouds abound.