Friday, February 3, 2012

Making More Books:

All my life I have really loved books, magazines–printed materials in general. I never wanted to 'borrow' them from the library; I wanted them to be mine. So I could rip them, doodle in them, sort through and organize them–over and over again. I imagine, then, it only made sense for me to move to Amsterdam to collaborate with and write for the world's best architecture and design magazines. Who knew that life would take me to where I am, right now? I have just finished making and assistant editing/visual editing a new book, which really makes me happy. Making a book really is a time consuming task; and this is not my first. But this book, is the first book, where I really feel my presence in the book. I even wrote the introduction. Hours and hours of pouring over pictures and selecting only those few who deserved to be printed in editions of thousands. Countless days spend reading each page again and again–ensuring every word is perfect–that every sentence says what it says. I've learned to savor the essence of turning the page. And the pages in this book–well, a few of them–can be ripped and pulled out; encouraged even, through the aid of perforated pages along its spine. And while most would rather choose not to rip pages out of their brand new book, the book's designer actually encourages it. It is really fun, to do great things in the world, with those whom you admire.