Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let's Get All Metaphorical:

This photo was taken from here. You would call this area of the city, the Negen Straatjes. With an ultra-zoom lens, I captured three bridges in one photo.  Three bridges, spanning three of cities most stunning canals.

On the other hand, this photo was taken from here. Even without an ultra-zoom lens, I captured a great distance, in one photo. And with that, let's let the metaphor begin.

Taking in the view of great distances is really quite the difficult feat. This task overtly-induces peering into the future, and often, looking back on the past. There is a line from 'Sex and the City', muttered by Carrie Bradshaw, in season six:

'I wanted to be a writer, I made myself a writer.
I want a ridiculously extravagant pair of shoes, I find a way to buy them.'

Going after what you want in life can often be intimidating; battling self-destruction, self-doubt, and self-esteem all come into play. And there's that word again: self. As I grow, I'm learning that I'm not so interested in the self. My self, at least. Well, that's not 100% completely true. I am indeed interested in myself. Self promotion is, more specifically, something I'm not interested in. It is not my end goal to be super-famous, super-rich. I am only interested in developing my self, for the benefit of me. I really want to master a skill-set, even if that skill set is wide-ranging. And the great news is, I feel (as opposed to thinking), that the time has finally come. I have a really great life here in Amsterdam, both personally and professionally. I want to do great things in the world, all the while, reveling in the fact that life is so... Fun, full of surprises and filled with love. Love is, I'm convinced, what drives our desires. I recently, and quite sternly, explained to someone of importance in my life:

'I am on a path. I'm not sure where that path is leading. But I know I'm destined for great things. And ever since I was young, I've been chasing what it is that I can't see–my future.'

Fortunately, many of the aspects of my future that I've been eternally chasing, have recently manifested. I feel as if my personal and profession lives are merging–which I'm ok with. I feel as if my roots here in North Holland have finally taken to the soil with a vigorous rigor, and that I can finally just... relax. This doesn't mean that my permanent quest for creature comforts has been dampened since moving to the Netherlands–quite the opposite actually. I am always striving to bring comfort to my life; creature comforts, and mental comforts–they're all the same to me. I feel as if the last pieces of the puzzle of my life, at this moment in time, have finally fallen into place–my needs are more than accommodated, my wants are obtainable, and my future looks bright.