Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cold Amsterdam:

...just like that, the snow is gone! Last week Amsterdam was a frozen tundra. A white, but wet, sticky-mess of stunning beauty. It was magical. But also–quite literally–freezing.

Cycling hurt because, well, freezing wind hitting your face, is never fun. So for that early-to-mid February transition we just had, I was a proud taker of my almost always reliable, tram 3. We are the best of friends, me and 3. When I do take the tram, I'm offered 20 minutes to read. Or to zone out. Or to listen to music. Or to people watch. All options, are so nice. The alternative to not taking the tram, when the temperature is -4C, is cycling. And that means: frozen fingers.

Surprising yet welcomed; this week the birds began to chirp. Spring is near and you can really feel it in the air. Just like that, green is back; the sun stays up longer; the gloves, scarves, and hats on the city's cyclers, have come off. I am looking forward to the months ahead, when Amsterdam's canals come alive: the birds sing, the boaters boat, and the tourists begin their induced-state canal-side strolls. The city is coming alive; red wine is giving way to white.

I began 2012 just knowing that, with knowing how, this is my year. Life is grand–and the weather gives me great glee. Amsterdam–I have my eye on you now. You're no longer a stranger, and our roots run deep.