Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lampposts and Street Lights:

All throughout Amsterdam are street lights, or street lamps, or lampposts–either way, hanging or fixed, the streets of Amsterdam are well lit at night. The juxtaposition between the two types of lighting–referring to that of the city center specially–often reflects if there is enough space for street lamps–if not, hanging lamps like those in the Jordaan seem to be the lighting of choice. When there is enough space for street lamps, the next question is… in what part of the city are we discussing? There are three types of areas in the city, as classified in accordance with Amsterdam's street lamps styles: parts of the city retaining their original street lamps, parts of the city that have recently been refurbished and bestowed with new 'old' street lamps, and, areas without nineteenth century 'original looking' gas-lamp-style street lamps. The last category is often very different throughout Amsterdam, and usually reflect the time period they were designed within.