Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring, Please Come Soon:

The sun becomes brighter everyday. The birds are beginning to sing their songs and the cloudy skies are giving way to blue. The sudden burst of sun this weekend brought a delight to my sun-staved soul; my balcony practically invited the reading of (quite) a few new magazines, among them Purple. I can easily spend all afternoon, like yesterday and today, lost within the pages of editorial content; the images, the articles, the graphics–ah, love. Outside though, in the real world beyond the pages, the trees are still barren, lacking any leaves, and lacking any sign of life–or, at least, any sign of new buds. The winter sun continues growing longer each day, and the shadows are shortening–silhouettes become ever more detailed and defined. Winter is on its way out, and I'm ready for it to be gone. For now, I'll stay here in the Indische Buurt, waiting for the clouds to depart, the sun to return fully, and the city to be bursting full, with springtime blooms and deciduous greenery. The seagulls are returning, looking out over the rooftops that surround my humble home. What a wonderful weekend this has been. Spring, please come soon.