Monday, March 19, 2012

Growing older...

This afternoon, while lunching at Renzo's under the most fabulous rays of sun, I started to ponder my future. While sipping a piping-hot double-espresso, I noticed an older-aged man–perhaps in his mid-60s–laying back against a bench at the opposite side of the terrace I found myself perched upon. In this man's hand was a white wine, in mine, an espresso. It was mid-afternoon, and I couldn't help but think how similar yet different our lives could have been. Maybe this man was only visiting Amsterdam on a week-long holiday from somewhere far away; maybe he plopped down in Amsterdam for the day; or perhaps he lived around the corner, this white wine being his weekly Monday afternoon ritual. I imagine I will never know what brought this man to this tiny sun-soaked terrace in Amsterdam. But what I do know is that one day I too will have my afternoons free; free from work, free from troubles, free from cares. It will just be me, my white wine, and David–basking under the warmth of the spring-time sun. 

Spring, is nearly here...

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