Friday, March 30, 2012

If today were like yesterday...

If today were like yesterday, the sun would be shining. 
If today were like yesterday, spring would still be here.

As expected and to the surprise of no-one, the warm-snap that Western Europe has been experiencing has decided to take a brief pause. And today, Amsterdam is, once again, cold and damp and not at all conducive to laying in the park or sitting on the terrace. That's ok though, because with spring, comes spring cleaning, and hopefully that will be happening at this household this weekend. I'm totally ready to 'throw away everything I haven't touched in a year', wipe the walls, floors and windows impeccably–and afterwards, sit back and revel in the fact that our eagle's nest high-above the Indische Buurt has flowers and greenery exploding from freshly-planted pots on the terrace, the interior is uncluttered and clean, and that the whole package–inside and out–is more than prepared for the warm weather ahead.