Sunday, April 1, 2012

De Ysbreeker:

On Saturday the other and I set out from the Indische Buurt headed toward the FOAM museum, stopping for coffee along the way due to the freezing-cold wind, and the cold-wet weather in general. We first stopped at Koffee in Oost, long on my list of places to visit. I can't recommend the place, unfortunately. I really wanted to like the cozy setting, but after it took the five people working, 15 minutes to come to our table–situated, literally, right next to the front counter–only to have us order two coffees... I've crossed them off my list. Not normal and not appreciated. I'm not one to care when it comes to slow-service–more time for intimate conversations, I say–but it was bad, even by Amsterdam standards. All it takes is a, 'Hey, welcome. It's super busy at the moment so I'll be with jullie just a few minutes.' Then everyone's at ease; including them! So, after quickly downing our espressos and paying as fast as we could, we set off for the FOAM once again, only to stop halfway there at the always satisfying De Ysbreeker, located alongside the lovely Amstel. Unlike the other coffee refueling station, De Ysbreeker delivered in every respect: cozy-atmosphere, super coffee, even super-er tart, and friendly service with a smile that perfectly compliments the extensive menu, itself full of options. I like those last few qualities in a restaurant/café–after all, that is what I'm paying for.