Thursday, April 19, 2012

Longing for Sunlight, and Picnics in the Park:

I have been listening to way too many podcasts from Debbie Millman as of late, and I'm finally receding to a normal rate of repeating these 40-minute podcasts. But, I immensely enjoy the insight that they provide me into the kaleidoscopic worlds of psychology, branding, anthropology, artistic inspiration, graphic design, and–oh-so important–the qualities that make us human. Which, I imagine, means that my listening to them won't be decreasing dramatically, anytime soon.

One day a while back, when having coffee with a friend at De Jaren, I heard myself explaining how I frequent the Athenaeum Newscentrum on Spui at least once a week–to survey, smell, and slip through the most-recent magazines on display. What can I say; I'm visually hungry. Only after I explained my actions, did I realize that this weekly ritual I undertake–my version of church you could say–is often subtracting Euros from my back account, but also providing me with endless amounts of inspiration and further direction for my future.

Sometimes I stumble along the way; like earlier this week. Occasionally I have moments where I'm not sure in which direction I'm headed, or what the future may have in store. And when those moments happen, I must make sure to be aware of them, and not let them escalade into anything more than the confused and jumbled thoughts they are. Because, at the end of the day, all of those disorganized thoughts have a common thread. And it's up me to sew all those thoughts into a stunning patchwork quilt, enabling me to see the bigger picture, and continue onward with direction in my life. I am longing for sunlight and picnics in the park.