Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rijsel On the Bank of the River Amstel:

Yesterday, in the very late of the afternoon, I dashed off on my bike toward the eastern bank of the Amstel, headed for the scene of Amsterdam's most in-the-moment French-Flanders–with a clever twist loaned, in part, to its Dutch context; a tri-fusion kitchen, Rijsel. The service was spot on for Amsterdam, and perhaps that's because the staff seemed to all relatively be around their late-20's, and they all genuinely seemed to enjoyed what they were doing, at that moment in time. Service in Amsterdam by servers who care; what a rarity in this city. They even smiled. An open kitchen, a white and well lit-open atmosphere, and proper ventilation–altijd handig–lends a certain un-Amsterdam feel to the whole experience. And I have to say, in a good way, that's kind of nice. A French infused kitchen, at the bank of the river Amstel, in the oh-so lovely Amsterdam.