Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Looking Back While Looking Forward:

Right now I'm listening to Alanis Morisette's classic 'Jagged Little Pill', from 1995, as I cruise back to North Holland from Limburg on a train that departed very early from Maastricht Centraal Sataion. And this current experience of Alanis piping through my ears only means one thing; 1995 was almost 20 years ago, which therefore means that I am almost 30. How my life has unraveled thus far only continues to amaze me. I'm not sure that I take identity from my work; though it certainly helps define my Monday-Friday daily schedule. Work is work. You are thee to perform a function–and ever so often that function can elevate people to new heights. I get that through my work; being elevated. I like the people and places that I've pulled into my sphere of the world, and my daily life. And I become a bit more content and at peace with who I've become, who I'm becoming, and where I'll go next once a new adventure or trajectory presents itself to me. I am often amazed at how slow the world turns, but I mean that only in the most positive of ways. Often I have a distain for everyday motions we go through as humans, and the mundane; like daily life actives that I sometimes ponder by asking myself: 'Are we seriously going to do this again, today, just like we did yesterday?' And of course when I say we, I am actually referring to myself. It's always good to shake things up.

It's a bit odd though; as I have a large fondness for routines, and repeated acts are the name of my game; I tend to find something I like, be it a song, a book, a person, a pair of pants… and then obsess about them. Usually that obsession dies in a sort of ephemeral way, but then again, while the ephemera was there, I really sapped everything I could have, from it. What can I say; I know what I like and I know what I don't. But then, when I do find something new, it's even better. Everything can almost always be improved; why not? If we, as a collective conscious-ed society, never thought our surroundings could be improved, where would our innovation be? What would we do with ourselves besides sit around, eat, drink, and have sex? It's odd to grow up and be able to touch people, places, and things that one seemed as if they were part of a whole other universe, to me, especially when I was younger.

Most people don't pick up items in bookstores or off newsstands and have the experiences of knowing how they're made, because they made it. Making something that gets thrown into the public realm, and therefore the cultural realm, effects and influences people in ways mostly unseen. You never know when you just might touch someone through your work, perhaps even going so far as to collectively fuel such passion, that you ignite another social revolution through actions that no longer have meaning in your daily life, and instead have been transferred to the daily prominence of someone else's. I am talking about a book or magazine being published here; even though you're no longer working on it–and you've moved onto the next one–the one you just finished is now available for all with access to consume. It's truly unfathomable; the ways in which we are connected, through largely unseen forces. One day, millennia from now–hopefully–the world will be even more connected, probably in ways we can't even yet imagine, and that, in turn, will foster empathy and compassion for our fellow human friends. We are all one, on one Earth, in just one tiny universe...