Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gazing into Life:

Here I sit at my kitchen table, staring out into the sky of the world beyond my window; a full 180 degree view. Today has been such a very interesting day, and I'm sure days like these come very few and far between. It's an unsettling yet deeply satisfying elixir of happiness, ecstatic-ness, wonder, awe, intrigue, insight, momentous, vision, and, yet, I have strange craving for more of... more of I'm not sure. But something. Something is not quite finished, or perhaps is just beginning. That's the fun of it all. And perhaps that's one of the many pieces of the colorful kaleidoscope that comes together to form my daily life, that makes me wake up, every morning, ready for the day–and pleasantly say to myself, in my head: 'Hello world! It's a brand new day; the sun the shining. Let's go!'

How wonderful it is to be alive. The world, is just so exciting. And, as an added bonus, it spins.