Monday, July 2, 2012

John does Berlin (Again!):

Some days I feel as if I completely know what it is I'm doing. While at other times I feel as if I can't slow down long enough to reflect on my life. Many exciting events have happened to me over the past month or so; many of these exciting events have taken place in Scandinavia, and many have not. Amsterdam is drifting between gray and cold, and sunny and spritey–but on any one day the weather could be both of the above situations, with one never sticking around for longer than a day, if that. I have almost forgotten that it is supposed to be summer, at this moment. And the thought of needing to wearing warm-weathered clothes is not yet a reality. Where is summer? I am going to Berlin today and will return to Amsterdam on Thursday. In the days between now and my return I plan on strolling the streets of Berlin, gathering my thoughts along the way. With a bit of luck, when I return to Amsterdam I'll once again be able to sit on my over-sized towel, at the beach, staring out over the North Sea to the endless possibilities beyond.