Monday, August 20, 2012

Spending my young-20s in the Netherlands:

Moving across the ocean alone at 22: a formidable task, for anyone. Since that age I have spent the most impressionable years of my life, thus far, living in the Netherlands. I turn 27 in November. And as the 'six' makes way for the 'seven', I feel as if this little online-publication of mine, has become a billet-doux of sorts; it is a resource and record of my visual-life and my mental-swirls, sprinkled with my goals, hopes, dreams, and desires. I may only be 26, but I can't help but become jubilated when pondering the the years, adventures, and surprises still ahead of me, as well as those that have passed. My ideals are constantly being remolded and reshaped by and within this tiny city–tumbling about each and every day, and in doing so, propelling me forward. I enjoy that. And, so, here's to 27, in just a few months.