Thursday, August 23, 2012

To Norway and Back:

There are those who revel in scheduling their life into hourly increments, and those who do not; I am of the latter. That is quite un-Dutch of me. Nederlanders love agendas. Everything here needs to be scheduled. It's just another of those cultural differences I've grown accustomed to. Those small cultural differences between the Netherlands and every other country around it, really are small. For all our differences, we have more similarities uniting us that we're readily willing to admit. Our genetic make-up a lone unites us all. 'Many inhumane acts happen because someone failed to see how another could be in the world', says 'Design Anthropologist' Dori Tunstall. There are many different ways to be in the world; none too right, none too wrong. And after spending just over two weeks and a day in the Nordic–back in May–and after about three days back in North Holland, I readily admitted that I had missed it, quite a lot. Amsterdam is just one of the best cities of them all, out of the many cities I saw on that trip... and I saw many on the long long drive to Bergen, Norway–and back (Lübeck, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Aurland, Balestrand, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Hamburg; to name but a few). I missed my bike, my house, and my own bed. Returning home from holiday is returning to your sanctuary within the world. A tiny little slice of the Earth, for one, if not two.