Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Looking Forward:

So I've lived here for more than four years now and the time just keeps ticking. It seems that most people die around the age of 80; some get lucky–if you prefer to call it that–and live longer, while the lives of some are cut short. So is life, I imagine. Amsterdam has presented many opportunities to me and luckily I have reached out and grabbed many of them with a ferocious intensity. Whoops! Was that me? When I first moved here just the idea of being so close to every other city in Europe made me giddy. Still does. But in a different way than it used to. Europe used to have many different meaning to me; now those meanings have been refined and rethought. Europe is a continent, and a damn pretty one at that.

Lately I've been pondering the road yet untravelled, future-tripping like no other rather than living in the moment. What can I say; living in the moment can be difficult at times. But, then again, if you never look forward or backward, time stands still, and the moment is always nearby. Professionally life couldn't be more exciting; so many wonderful people and projects and situations requiring intense strategy fill my days. It is a mixture of intellectual curiosity and intensive production. I know that digital and printed media is where my heart feels most at home, and also where my professional aspirations and gains can found. But what I also love is not journalism per se, but editing, writing, and creating narratives that touch emotion, and, subsequently, build businesses. I have learned so much about the world since moving to Amsterdam, and I only continue to absorb more of its culture each day.