Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pondering the Present:

As I continue to ponder my future, and my present, I ask myself what it is once again that life is all about. What is it that I'm here to do, if anything. Perhaps I'm not a world shape-shifter, and instead only meant to enjoy the good life... could totally be in my future, or present. I feel as if the work I am doing is very beneficial to the skill set that I possess and continue to refine. But does that work make me feel like a good person, and what is the point of work anyway? Without full-time employment, who would I be? The thing is: I'm pretty sure I know the answer. I would be John–just John, thank you–the happy sprite-y guy who loves life more than the sun loves rising. My titles do not define me, nor does my education (which is also stellar, thank you), nor do the 'accomplishments' I've collected over the years. Even though I am still quite proud of them. I am not finding myself in Amsterdam; I'm making myself in Amsterdam. And so far, the me I'm making is rather taking shape; another layer off, another layer on, and one step further into my future, as seen from the present.