Friday, October 12, 2012

The Days Return to Gray:

Autumn's crazy clouds have rolled back into Amsterdam from their resting place over the North Sea, and in doing so have brought with them a large amount of sky-covering capabilities that have since been put to good use. And the sun; it is so low in the sky this time of year, it even feels magical. November is almost here (see; common theme in my life: looking forward) and with that comes my birthday, and crazy to think that in a few years time I'll be 30. How grown up! But of course I already am grown up and very well thought that I was when I was 13 as well, so I guess somethings do not, indeed, change. The mystic surrounding the month of November, for me at least, is an aspect of each year that I revel in. The leaves drop from the trees, everything (where I spent my of my life before moving to Amsterdam, anyways, and here a little bit, too) smells like burnt under-brush (twigs, leaves, clippings and so forth), and the chill in the air undergoes a metamorphosis from crisp to spine-tingling. And further, after November, comes December, and with it a whole other brigade of winter-time seasonal festivities–at least in this hemisphere–which only builds-up anticipation for the days further in the month, those yet to come, which also host celebrations. You see, this time of year is quite elixir-like for many reasons, though each is quite difficult to fully define.